Parafield Gym

Tenancy 3, 12 Nobby Buckley Drive, Parafield SA 5106
2000 sq/m

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Game on, Parafield

Gym Overview

2000 sq/m
13 Squat racks
Pin loaded machines
Plate loaded machines
Huge cardio area
1 Functional fitness area
HIITFIT 24/7 circuit
Access to Tempo Pilates
Access to The Studio

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Opening date: 16/08/2024

Get your 2nd and 3rd month free!

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Why Parafield?

Parafield, let’s do this!

We’ve got everything you’ve been wanting in a gym – a huge 2,000sqm filled with a massive 13 squat racks, heaps of cardio equipment and all of your favourite weight training machines.

Whether you like HIITFIT and Tempo Pilates 24/7 circuit training, or working out your own way, our functional fitness area has you covered.

Plus, for just $3 more per week, you’ll have 24/7 access to: 12 Reformer Pilates beds, an Evolt Body Scanner, 5 Massage Chairs, BLACKROLL Foam Rollers and Muscle Therapy & Recovery Equipment.

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Ready, set, move, Parafield

Your new local

Our Parafield gym is easily accessible on the corner of Main North Road and Kesters Rd. We’ve got plenty of parking to make it easy for locals from Para Hills West, Mawson Lakes, Walkley Heights, Parafield Gardens, Brahma Lodge, Salisbury and more.

We’re open 24/7, so you can work out at the time that suits you best, whether that’s before work, after uni or in the middle of the night. Make the space your own.

With 24/7 access to ALL Revo Fitness locations, we are here for you to work out WHEN you want, HOW you want, and WHERE you want!

Level Two members can access

Level Two members can access

Reformer Pilates

24/7 access to On Demand Reformer Pilates on high-end reformer beds, with 20 different class styles varying from 10 – 45 minutes in duration. There are over 200 classes available to suit beginners through to advanced users, with new classes added monthly. Simply choose your class, connect your headphones via Bluetooth, and watch along on the screen while you’re instructed through your workout.

Body Scanner

Track your body composition using sophisticated data analytics on our state-of-the-art Evolt 360 Body Scanner. In just 60 seconds, the scanner uses more than 40 measurements to track muscle mass, fat mass, water, mineral measurements, visceral fat, body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate, bio age and more. The body scanner is simple to use and your results are available instantly.

Massage Chairs

The perfect addition to your recovery routine, our deluxe massage chairs have a number of options available to suit your needs. Help improve blood circulation, enhance mobility and relax in supreme comfort.

BLACKROLL Foam Rollers

Enjoy a range of premium foam rollers from BLACKROLL, the ideal tool for whole-body myofascial training.

Foam rolling can help to accelerate recovery and increase the body’s long-term performance. Our foam rolling stations provide a range of options with different sizes, shapes, grooves and densities available.

Muscle Therapy & Recovery

Level up your muscle therapy with our handheld massage guns, which can target any muscle group with your chosen setting and pressure. With multiple attachments available to suit your needs, these premium percussion devices will have you warming up and recovering like a pro.