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Health, Wellbeing, Partnerships, Reconciliation and Inclusivity.

Revo Fitness exists for the community. Our mission has always been to help the community create a healthy relationship with fitness and wellbeing, being an integral part of Australian’s lifestyle. We strive to positively influence the lives of Australians by providing access to affordable opportunities for fitness.

Through Revo Fitness’ growth we have been able to provide affordable access to quality gyms to over 350,000 Australians, and in 2023 alone, over six million workouts were smashed at Revo clubs.

Health, Wellbeing & Partnerships

We know exercise is not only great for our physical health but also has a positive impact on our mental health. Revo Fitness strives to provide an environment and facilities where people can keep fit and active however they like.

Mental Health 

Exercise can help to reduce anxiety and depression. It can also contribute to increased self-confidence and help us feel more at-home in our bodies.

Keeping Active

Keeping fit and active is the reason Revo Fitness exists. It’s our mission to make quality fitness affordable and accessible to as many Australians as we can.

Supporting our Community

Revo Fitness partners with and provides financial support to a range of sporting clubs across Australia, from elite state teams to grassroot community teams. By supporting local sporting clubs and charities, we have been able to give back to the community while creating awareness about the benefits of health and fitness to the body and mind, keeping the community healthier and fitter. Revo Fitness supports local sporting clubs in Western Australia, South Australia, and Victoria, as well as a range of charities through cash donations, free membership donations, and event sponsorship.

Revo Fitness is a partner of the Adelaide 36ers, Perth Wildcats, and Claremont Football Club and works with the Perth Lynx and WA Cricket.

Revo supports a range of community teams, including Hope Valley Junior Football Club, Flinders University Football Club, Glenelg Baseball Club, CBC Cricket Club, Stirling Macedonia Football Club, Perth Cricket Club, Subiaco Floreat Cricket Club and the Perry Lakes Hawks.

Revo has partnered with Ocean Heroes, and we are so excited to bring the Revo Fitness 24 Hour Swim for Ocean Heroes to life in April 2024. Find out more about the great work Ocean Heroes is doing on their website, oceanheroes.com.au 

Revo has been a longstanding partner with the mental health charity A Stitch in Time founded by Greg Hires. Find out more about A Stitch in Time on their website, stitchintime.org.au

Revo works with Buddiup, who supports young men with disabilities to live a healthier life. Buddiup also has sister organisation Sisterup, which provides these opportunities to females with a disability. Find out more about Buddiup and Sisterup on their website, buddiup.com.au.



All Revo Fitness gyms are an inclusive space where everyone is welcome. We strive to ensure every member and employees feels welcome, accepted and safe to work and train at Revo. That’s not just our responsibility as a leading Australian company. That’s our responsibility as a group of people, who are lucky enough to live and work on these lands.

Revo Fitness pays respect to the Traditional Custodians of the lane on which our gyms are situated. Revo pays their respects to all members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and their cultures, and to Elders both past and present.

We have begun our journey to develop our Reconciliation Action Plan. We are embarking on a foundational-level Reflect RAP which includes practical actions to help drive our contribution to reconciliation within our gyms and in the communities in which we operate. We are currently working with Acknowledge This on developing our Reflect RAP. RAPs are practical plans of action built on relationships, respect, and opportunities. The RAP initiative was established by Reconciliation Australia in 2006, with finalised RAPs registered with Reconciliation Australia.


All Revo Fitness gyms are an inclusive space where everyone is welcome. We strive to ensure every member and employees feels welcome, accepted and safe to work and train at Revo.

Revo is committed to working with the community to always strive to improve and learning how we can provide an inclusive experience for everyone.


Revo Fitness understands the impact our decisions made today impact the future generations to come. We strive to do business in a profitable but also sustainable manner. Our gyms are solar powered where possible, fitted with lower consumption LED lighting and utlise recycled materials in our builds. We are always looking at ways we can operate in a more sustainable manner to look after our planet, community and people.

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