Ben Whitehurst

"it's not a sprint but a marathon"

Ben's love of fitness has been growing his whole life. Practicing a variety of sports, Ben found a passion for surf lifesaving and rowing as keeping a high level of fitness is needed for both. His fitness career has evolved from practicing sports, becoming a coach whilst studying in uni, and now personal training.

Ben likes to remind those who are just beginning their fitness training that, it's not a sprint but a marathon. Don't expect results overnight but do keep moving forward and if you commit hard enough you'll get to where you want to go.

Ben's fitness training approach is a bit of a hybrid model, utilising both face-to-face and online methods, running conjugate method training alongside providing holistic lifestyle coaching. One of Ben's specialty areas is within training people with injuries, bridging the gap between musculoskeletal rehab and strength & conditioning.

When not in the gym Ben still likes to keep very active, spending time at the beach, rowing surfboats, and watching rugby league.

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