Revo Fitness’ philosophy is to provide a facility catered for the beginner, the fitness enthusiast and the athlete at an affordable price.

The fitness industry speak about strength and performance training and focus merely on the physical progression in an individual; Revo Fitness focuses on a deeper level. Providing an atmosphere that will not only grow and help you develop physically but will help you grow as a person and break free of any of your fears and doubts you may have personally or in the gym.

Strength and Performance is normally described purely for the athlete and the sports star. At Revo Fitness the strength you show is being who you want to be and train the way you wish. The Performance is the feeling of euphoria after you finish a session and push yourself to the limit in the most forward thinking fitness facility in Australia.

Offering a variety of training methods within each facility just gives you the option on how you want to train. Because you decide what and how you train for and develop. Not society.

Revo Fitness doesn’t cater for the masses, it caters for you. Because gym memberships are not what Revo Fitness’ business is about; it is about creating healthy relationships.

No posers, no pretenders, just you and the most affordable facility in Australia.