Q: How is Revo Fitness so Affordable?

A: With a well worked model and key competencies, Revo Fitness has been able to maintain exponential growth with one of the most affordable membership in the fitness industry.

Q: What are the Prices For Memberships at Revo Fitness?

A: Revo Fitness offers one generic membership with no lock in contracts and no sign up fees. Memberships are $8.88 Per Week but directly debited monthly for the amount of $38.48. If the person uses a credit card there is an additional $2.00 Surcharge per month (BSB/Acc No. have no extra charges).

Q: How Does a Person Sign Up to a Membership With Revo Fitness?

A: A person can sign up by either coming into any of our locations and speak with one of our friendly staff members. The person must remember to bring their bank details (BSB/Acc No.) or credit card details. The person will also need identification to confirm the membership will be signed by the correct individual.

Q: How Does a Person Pay For a Membership to Revo Fitness?

A: Revo Fitness deals solely with direct debiting. with the EzyPay Debiting system, Revo Fitness members are in the safest of hands. The direct debit is conducted monthly on the same date the person signed the agreement to use Revo Fitness. There is also an additional charge of $3.00 per quarter from EzyPay to continue to run the debit through their system. This is an EzyPay chage and not one from Revo Fitness. 

Q: Does Revo Fitness Have Free Trials and or Guest Waivers?

A: Revo Fitness offers guest waiver agreements to any person who was wanting a casual visit and or wanted to trial the facility. Guest Waiver Agreements are $15.00 per session and is payable before entrance into the facility. There is no free trials or free guest waiver agreements for a person to trial Revo Fitness. If the person wishes to trial the facility and signs a membership agreement before leaving the staff member will refund the amount charged. No charge will be refunded at a later date and or after the person has left the facility.

Q: Is Revo Fitness a Franchise?

A: Revo Fitness is not a franchise and is privately owned. a family business opened in 2012 it has grown into a well known brand within the Western Australian Fitness Industry.

Q: Do Members Have Access to Every Revo Fitness Location?

A: Every active member of Revo Fitness is able to access every location Revo Fitness has to offer. With Some facilities not offering 24 hour access it is a great chance for members to use other facilities to train when they wish. 

Q: Is There a Minimum Term for Memberships at Revo Fitness?

A: There are no lock in contracts at Revo Fitness. With monthly debits the only option available a person will only need to give 30 days written notice inside the location they originally signed up to change the activity of their membership. Not until the paperwork has been completed in person the 30 days notice will begin.

Q: How can a Member Cancel or Suspend their Membership at Revo Fitness?

A: A member can cancel and or suspend their account by coming into the location they completed the membership agreement and fill out the required paper work. Revo Fitness does not accept emails, letters, phone calls or verbal confirmation for changing the activity of a membership. The individual must complete the required paperwork in person. Once this paperwork has been completed the 30 days notice will begin to change the activity of the membership.

Q: Are There any Fees or Charges for a Member to Cancel or Suspend Their Revo Fitness Membership?

A: If a membership direct debit falls within the 30 days notice needed to suspend and or cancel the membership the member will be charged this final payment. The member will be able to use the facility until the final day of the paid month of membership. For these dates please speak with a staff member during staffed hours. 

Q: Does Revo Fitness Charge Members for Swipe Cards?

A: Revo Fitness does not charge members when signing up for their swipe card. Another way Revo Fitness helps the individual afford to become a member. If the member does lose the swipe card the member must have the swipe card replaced by a staff member and will incur a cost of $20.00. This must be paid the day the new access card is offered to the member.

Q: What Happens if a Member is Caught Bringing in a Non-Member into Revo Fitness?

A: Revo Fitness accepts no responsibility if something was to go wrong whilst a non-member was using the facility. The member who allowed access to the member will incur a fine of $50.00 and have his/her membership suspend for two full weeks. Members are tracked with counting systems attached to the management database to help notify these problem makers.